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Focused on building an iterative culture where gameplay is at the centre of all decisions. 


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You don't need to buy any NFT's to play our games. We are dedicated to building games which are fun and engaging. It's all about the games.

Ad Revenue sharing

If you participate in owning NFT game assets, some of those assets entitle players to the game revenue share. Not Play to Earn. Just Earn!


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London, UK

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About Us

Indie Games Studio Focused on Mobile

We’re a mobile first studio. That means all our titles are designed to work on mobile first. The same games are playable on PC. It’s a challenging remit but we like the challenge.

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Captured Moments From Players & The Team

Some footage may be outdated. We iterate on all our games frequently.

Food Fighter NFT

Dividend earning NFTs. Community owned game. Not play to earn! Just Earn!

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Food Fighter NFT

Our First NFT Project

We believe this is an industry first in Web 3.0 gaming. The usual Play to Earn mechanics do not foster excellence in games and often provide diminishing long term returns through token dilution.

Pepper Fighter
    Pepper Fighter


    Pepper is the most versatile and basic enemy character in Food Fighter. They are the easiest to defeat and the most abundant enemy in the game.

    First Wave of NFTs
      First Wave of NFTs


      Pepper Fighter is the first collection of NFTs for Food Fighter. Cucumber, Tomato, Broccoli and many more are already featured in the game and will also have associated NFTs.

      Realtime bonus rewards
        Realtime bonus rewards


        When an enemy kills a player the earnings from that player are distributed to all NFT holders in real time. If your specific NFT character kills the player then you win an additional bonus.

        MINT A Pepper


        Food Fighter NFTs are our first Revenue Sharing NFT for our Mobile Title: Food Fighter

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